Vint Cerf, on the Internet

Apr 11 2014
11 April 2014

Vint Cerf, a father of the Internet, participated in a Hangout that was hosted by Leo Laporte and watched by thousands of people around the world. Vint answered questions submitted by viewers about the Internet’s past, present, and future. Here are some of our favorite moments.

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When a workplace is full of employees who always lean in and never lean back, it’s full of employees who are exhausted, brittle and incapable of showing much creativity or making good decisions.

Rosa Brooks on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” movement in the Washington Post.

What brands can learn about big data from the NAACP

Dec 03 2013
3 December 2013

Originally published in Advertising Age on October 3, 2013.

In the race to understand massive data sets, large companies are frequently highlighted as the big innovators. Large infrastructure projects, outsized resources and long timelines fit into a narrative that depicts the wrangling of untamed, wild data into insightful intelligence. But rarely do these projects get at the heart of their purpose, to forge a better relationship with consumers and uncover some previously unrealized passion.

Advocacy groups have a natural advantage in connecting with supporters, but they don’t always have the means to process the valuable insights at their fingertips. As the numerical representation of their supporters’ passion and commitment, data comes in clicks, signups, petitions signed and calls made. These real-time actions of their most committed supporters provide the pulse of their organization. Read more →

An HRC & HRC Production

Mar 18 2013
18 March 2013

If she runs, I’ll be there. Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on why she supports gay marriage, and rights for all the world’s humans.

The thermostat is not a toy

Jan 27 2013
27 January 2013

Or maybe it is. I never thought I’d look forward to returning home from a trip to install a thermostat, but that’s where I found myself Friday night. Sometimes, it’s good to play handyman meets tech geek meets environmentalist.

The Nest is the smartest home thermostat you’ve ever met – and it’s pretty. Designed by former Apple employees and strongly reminiscent of an iProduct box-opening ceremony, the Nest promises to clean your home of all its predecessor’s failures in climate regulations.

It took about 15 minutes to install. To test the compatibility, you can even email a photo of your existing unit’s wiring to [email protected] and they’ll give you a ring to let you know exactly what needs to happen. I learned that I had a ‘jump cable’ to fool the old unit into thinking it had ‘emergency heat’. Tricky. Throw it out. Read more →

Sandy strolls ashore

Oct 29 2012
29 October 2012

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, there’s a fascinating amount of data and collaboration on news aggregation to get info to those in its way. This image is from Google’s Crisis Map for the hurricane.

Along with the usual news websites live feeds, I remembered Lexical Gap’s “This Is Now” project that live updates Instagram photos from select cities. The only city affected in their list is NYC, but it’s fun to watch what is normally a largely varied stream of activities turn into one collective experience.

And don’t forget this incredibly wind visualization. That should be fun to watch.

One Love

Oct 12 2012
12 October 2012

A beautiful ode to the power of love, by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

I’m not very unique

Sep 14 2012
14 September 2012

Like every kid, I grew up being told I was special and unique. But as my birthday approaches, a friend shared with me this data on birth date frequencies that is yet another reason to believe I was lied to.

September 16th is the most common birth date in the US, which means I missed out by a day. September is easily the most concentrated month, yet I haven’t seen any good justification, except the easiest conclusion involving conception and holidays.Seems like an easy jump to make, but I’m hoping for something slightly more unique – I’ll have to ask my parents.

Source: The Daily Viz and The New York Times.

Junior staff confusion

Sep 10 2012
10 September 2012

It’s just so hard to write 350 words of original website copy these days. Photo by Mike Eskin, enhanced by Matt Ipcar

The President and his daughters

Sep 04 2012
4 September 2012

Watching Michelle deliver a passionate, spirited speech on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. A remarkable presentation. (Photo: Pete Souza, The White House)

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